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NEW STUDY: Uncovers What Parents Fear Most For Their Children

America has an obesity crisis - 70.6% of adults over 20 are overweight or obese. Worse yet, the national rate of obesity among kids aged 2 to 19 increased to 22.4% in 2020, an increase of 16% compared to 2019.

When parents were surveyed on the biggest fear they have for their children, a shocking 55% put obesity as the number one concern keeping them up at night.

Turns out, it’s a valid concern. Because obesity in younger children rose 16% during 2019-2020, and 19.3% between 2017-2018 – concerning for any parent rising a child in the United States.

CDC say that child obesity is a serious problem and is putting our children at serious risk “Obesity in children is still too high…”

What’s more concerting is…

Experts say a child’s bad eating habits are likely to carry through to adulthood…

… This means if your child eats poorly or, is overweight, they’re likely to suffer from diabetes… high blood pressure… cancer… loss of eyes sight… liver disease… mood swings… reproductive disorders… bullying or even a heart attack when they become an adult.

Pretty scary stuff, but there’s more…

Image of potential health consequences of childhood obesity – Image supplied by US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health

As surprising as this may sound, there are many studies that back this up, for example…

The article below published by the ‘US National Library of Medicine Nation Institutes of Health,’ outlines all the medical conditions a child may experience, as a result of obesity…

Childhood and adolescent obesity have reached epidemic levels in the United States.

Obesity can affect all aspects of the children including their psychological as well as cardiovascular health; also, their overall physical health is affected.

The association between obesity and other conditions makes it a public health concern for children and adolescents.

Due to the increase in the prevalence of obesity among children, a variety of research studies have been conducted to discover what associations and risk factors increase the probability that a child will present with obesity.

It’s Not All Doom And Gloom

However, a new discovery could help anxious parents teach their children the benefits of healthy eating and exercise…

…And it turns out, the secret has been under our noses all along…

The secret to dieting is pretty simple…

Put in less, than you put out.

Which means eat less high calorie foods (and more fruit and veg,) and exercise more. It’s the almost guaranteed way to lose weight, and live a healthy lifestyle.

The problem is…

Humans struggle to focus and often get distracted by sweet, fatty, high-carb and bright colored food. Especially children.

“One of the fastest and safest way’s to prevent your child from becoming obese, is through healthy eating and exercise…”

Because when they stay focused, it means they’re more self disciplined which means we’re more likely to ignore the temptation of unhealthy food…

And with food companies spending billions on marketing their junk food to our children, parents need all the help they can get.

But as I said, there is hope.

Because it turns out… improving your child’s focus has other benefits, too…

Not only could it help them live a happy life… it can build confidence… improve grades… decrease boredom… frustration and reduce sibling conflicts (wouldn’t that be nice!)

The proof is astonishing – improving focus can have a huge, positive impact on a child’s life

So, the question is…

…How do you improve a child’s focus without repetition… punishments… spending a fortune on rewards or worse yet, risk damaging the parent-child bond?

Well, it turns out there’s a fast and easy way to improve a child’s focus, all from the comfort of your own home…

And for a limited time, you could get access to it… in the next few minutes from now.

You see…

Fifteen years ago, stay-at-home mum named Jen had a son who struggled to focus. The school called constantly fed-up that Jacob, her son was distracting the other kids.

She sought expert help, but after months of frustration, and getting nowhere, she almost gave up.

However, she knew she couldn’t up on Jacob…

So she began doing her own research.

Late each night, after she’d cooked dinner, done the dishes, folded the washing and tidied up the house, Jen searched for a solution to help Jacob.

She spent months reading books, medical reports and speaking to other parents hoping desperately to find a ‘miracle solution’…

Eventually, Jen found a bunch of focus techniques that showed promise, so she began testing them on Jacob.

To her surprise, some of them worked!

After months of testing, she had created a list of focus strategies that truly worked.

Jen recently wrote a book call Kids Focus Formula‘ which includes the same tactics she used to help, Jacob. It’s a short book (which takes a day to read,) and it’s packed with actionable strategies that work, fast.

“I wanted to keep the book short and to-the-point,” said Jen. “I spent hours testing every focus tactic out there, but only a handful worked.”

“Focus is well known to improve grades and behavior, but using it to potentially help children stay focused on eating healthy is an added benefit,” she added.

When you really think about it, improving focus seems so obvious… because a strong focus means strong self-discipline, which means anyone – regardless of their age – has the power to resist the urge for bad things…

…Things like junk foodaddictive video games peer pressuredrugs and other undesirable temptations our children must face.

Jen has kindly offered Newsy readers an opportunity to get her new book at a special pre-launch price of $5.60 -much lower than what she intends to sell it for ($69.)

If you’re interested in helping your child get ahead in life, we highly recommend you pickup a copy of Jens book – while it’s at this super low price!

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