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Answers to The Conversation’s news quiz 🧠

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August 20, 2021

According to the Health Nutritional Index, eating one hot dog costs a person how many minutes of “healthy” life?

A. 27
B. 36
C. 60
D. 103

Answer: B. From Individual dietary choices can add – or take away – minutes, hours and years of life

August 18, 2021

When you sneeze, what’s the top speed of mucus particles expelled from your nose?

A. 20 mph
B. 40 mph
C. 60 mph
D. 100 mph

Answer: D. From A pediatric nurse explains the science of sneezing

June 24, 2021

How many calories does a top Tour de France cyclist burn on a day of mountain racing?

A. 4,000
B. 6,000
C. 8,000
D. 10,000

Answer: C. From Tour de France: How many calories will the winner burn?


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