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    Have you ever wondered why some writers earn six-figures a year while others write $5 articles for a living?

  It may shock you to learn that earning a great living as a writer has never been easier than it is today…

  However, many writers believe the only way to make money is to roll-the-dice and try for a best seller… They would be wrong.

  • Stephen King’s first big novel, Carrie, was rejected 30 times.
  • Judy Blume got nothing but rejections for 2 straight years.
  • Steve Berry collected 85 rejections over 12 years before breaking through.
  • Gone With the Wind was rejected 38 times.  Lord of the Flies, 20 times and Chicken Soup for the Soul 33 times.

   Earning money this way sounds like a big gamble to me?

    Wouldn’t it make sense to find a six-figure writing job that allowed you to work on a novel in your spare time?

   Well, now you can…

   Recently, a reputable writing association conducted a survey of its members who earn six-figure plus incomes… They found there were 9 writing jobs that paid more than any other… And… they offered writers greater flexibility and more free time.

   I understand you will be skeptical so, I’ve asked a few members to share their experiences:

“Thanks to the guidance you and so many have provided. I’m on my way to a successful and interesting copywriting career.”
— Denny Cheng

“That moment when you can say a silent “yes!” happened just recently when I got a royalty check in the mail. That one writing project has turned out to be quite profitable.”
– Storm Tormy

   These 9 jobs are easy to learn and are in high demand. In fact,  clients are fighting between each other to secure writers with these skills.

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